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Medical research

Lille University School of Medicine leads ambitious basic and clinical research programs, at both national and international level. All research activities are developed within the frame of strategic partnerships with major European research centers. Scientific innovations directly benefit to clinical practice and training, through the strong links between the Medical School and affiliated University Hospitals.



Internationally recognized research

Renowned faculty members are involved in 31 research teams, competing at the international level. These teams belong to the top French research community: the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS),  the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) and the Pasteur Institute of Lille.

With over a thousand publications a year, the school ranks amongst the most influential medical research leaders in France.

Research translating into advanced training and innovation
Our research is strongly related to clinical practice in many ways. In close collaboration with affiliated University Hospitals, our scientists are involved in a wide variety of clinical trials investigating new therapies and diagnostic tools (innovative molecules, new medical devices).
Our medical school is one of the most active clinical research centers in France, with over 10 000 patients enrolled in trials a year. This research environment translates into cutting-edge therapies and procedures, only performed in Lille.

Research also pervades the entire curriculum: students participate in cutting-edge research on a regular basis, become proficient in the most advanced healthcare practices and obtain experience through participating in ongoing clinical trials.

Cutting-Edge research tools and infrastructures
Our research endeavors are structured around dedicated institutes and nation-wide collaborative frameworks :
• The Institute of Predictive Medicine and Therapy Research (IMPRT/IFR 114)
• The Institute of Molecular and Cellular Medicine
• Canceropole Nord-Ouest

These structures provide our students with access to comprehensive life sciences research platforms :
• Molecular interaction
• Cellular and medical imaging (MRI, TEP)
• Animal testing facilities
• Experimental Microsurgery and Surgery
• Biotherapies

Global excellence fields
Lille University School of Medicine training programs and research benefit from the leading biomedical research in major fields of health sciences:
• Diabetes and cardiovascular consequences
• Inflammatory diseases and the environment
• Neuroscience
• Cancer
• Drug discovery and design