Faculté de Médecine de Lille
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Lille University School of Medicine is located at the core of a comprehensive biocampus, entirely dedicated to healthcare and innovation. Encompassing biotechnology, genomics, IT, nutrition, pharma, our school is a driving force behind healthcare development, within a structured and thriving industry.

At the heart of a major biobusiness park
The healthcare sector is a major eco-nomic field for Lille and its region. This cluster is composed of multinational corporations as well as mid-sized com-panies and innovative start-ups.
The sector is flourishing, with constant growth and increased Research & Development in-vestments.
This growth is accompanied and led by Eura-santé, an agency specialized in the economic development of the health sector of the region  of Lille(international business accelerator, implan-tation of foreign companies in France, start-up incubator, promoting research etc.).

At the crossroads of the major capitals of Europe (35 min from Brussels, 60 min from Paris and 1hr15 from London), at the heart of a region home for 6 million people, Lille is a genuine cultural, business and sports Eurometropole. Famous for its warm and cheerful atmosphere, Lille welcomes millions of visitors every year and offers a unique point of view on Europe.
Lille University School of Medicine is at the center of a modern campus and offers its students high-quality facilities: training, sports, culture, transport, etc.

A briedge towards the healthcare industry
Research and training facilities are located at the heart of the Eurasanté Bio Business Park, 100% devoted to Biotech and Medtech activi-ties. This location closes the gap between our students / faculty and healthcare business. The school takes part in numerous projects aiming at translating research and advanced practice into the innovation at the core of the biotech and healthcare industries.

Lille, a genuine student-friendly European Metropolis
In the past decades, Lille has trans-formed itself from the historical ca-pital of Flanders into a radiant and self-confident cultural and commercial European metropolis. Named cultural capital of Europe in 2004, it now offers a wealth of activities and a buoyant urban life. Highlights for the visitor include an attractive historical center with a strong Flemish influence, three internationally-renowned art museums, stylish shopping and a cutting-edge, nightlife scene.

Hosting 100,000 students, Lille is by far one of the most student-driven cities in Europe that provides numerous opportunities to have fun, meet extraordinary people and take part in multiple cultural, sport and recreational activi-ties. Easy access to Paris, Brussels and London by train opens great opportunities to take part in major European happenings and events.

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