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International Relations

An international campus
Located in close proximity to several major European capitals, Lille benefits from thriving international networking, and our Medical School maintains more than 50 ongoing partnerships in 28 countries worldwide.

Lille University School of Medicine offers a cosmopolitan environment and strives to develop international partnerships addressing global health issues in education and research.

We host around 200 international students from all five continents each year. They participate in undergraduate and postgraduate courses, research programs as well as elective clerkships.

150 French Medical School students also benefit from programs and training periods abroad, an excellent way to open up to new perspectives on healthcare. 


The International Relations Office

Dr Vincent SOBANSKI, Vice President of International Relations
Angéline NOVA, Head of the International Office angeline.nova(at)   


Outgoing Mobility Assistant : Samantha LIENARD ri-sante(at) Tél. +33(0)3 20 62 77 10

Incoming Mobility Assistant : Héloïse BLANDIN heloise.blandin(at)  Tel: +33(0)3 20 62 69 19

DFMS/DFMSA : Héloïse BLANDIN heloise.blandin(at)  Tel: +33(0)3 20 62 69 19

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